Back from Hiatus

Six weeks ago, I moved to Israel. In the weeks before that, I lost 3 members of my friends and family that were very close to me. Together, these things have caused major disruption to my normal routine over the past couple of months. On top of those major life adjustments, my computer also broke after being in Israel for one week and it was only yesterday that I was able to buy a new computer.

After several weeks of feeling out of sync, I have finally started work and classes and am beginning to fall back into the rhythms that I find necessary in order to be productive. I have been writing off and on, in a journal, during my inactivity online. I hope to take those and other thoughts that I have been having and begin posting them in the coming days.

Hag Purim Sameach!

To all those celebrating, happy Purim! I hope you had a wonderful, joyful celebration.

I was lucky enough to spend Purim evening with my shul community. I was certainly nervous about the dressing up and chaos of Purim but ended up having a wonderful time. I wore a beautiful black and white mask that a friend let me borrow.

My shul was definitely chaotic as people moved about and talked during ma’ariv and the megillah reading, but slowly over time I became accustom to the movement and noise and became comforted. I know that the celebration is different than any other I will experience and I made sure to embrace the sacred chaos.

What beautiful moments with beautiful people. Now, I need to rest up so I can be at shul in the morning to hear the megillah again. 🙂 I am already excited!

L’chaim. To the lives of the Jewish people, my people, who, Baruch Hashem, live another day.