Ready or Not, Shabbat is Coming

Shabbat is only a few hours away, and I do not feel ready. I am axiously trying to prepare meals, send out emails and run last minute errands before I step outside time to breathe, pause and enter the transcendent.  It is stressful to feel my control over the work week slowly slipping away as we approach the sacred time of Shabbat.

At the same time I appreciate the reality check. Shabbat comes every week, whether we are ready or not, to show us that the world can get along without us for a day. I feel like I have control over things, but Shabbat reminds me that things are ultimately out of my hands, not only on Shabbat when I can not answer emails or do work but everyday of life. For that reason, I will take a deep breath, let go of any control I feel I have, and embrace Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom.


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