Looking Towards Shabbat

There are still many hours until we enter into Shabbat, but I am already full of anticipation. I spent today, Thursday, busy with preparations for Shabbat. I bought groceries, set up fresh candles, prepared the slow cooker for a meal, set the light timer, and ironed my clothes for services. All this preparation, in addition to my classwork and normal responsibilities, is a lot to get done in one evening. Although I have to go through a long list of duties, it is exciting because it is part of the overall experience of meeting Shabbat. In the past weeks, since I have been attending Shul regularly and implementing more Jewish practices into my life, it is these moments of stress, and sometimes even chaos, where I find joy. I always looked forward to dressing in my “Sunday best,” but now I have a whole new way of greeting the holiest day of the week, where I find G-d, community, and shalom (wholeness). The preparations remind me of the importance of Shabbat and helps me to reflect as the work week comes to an end. I thank G-d not only for the grandeur and holiness that is Shabbat, but for the opportunity find meaning in the juxtaposition of the holy with the mundane in the moments that precede Shabbat.

I wish everyone a safe journey for Shabbat as we move from the realm of space into the realm of time for Shabbat and then back. May your soul(s) find comfort, joy and rest on the day that G-d made distinct and holier than any other day. I hope that we all find some way to  live so that Shabbat is clearly unique and meaningful to each of us in our own way. Shabbat Shalom.


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